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Infill Properties

For an infill property, this package also includes a set 4 of existing lot corner elevations to serve in determining the elevation of the Finished Main Floor of the new house.

When ordering a Plot Plan for an infill property, a measurement of the Block Face is usually required, that is, that the front setback of each house on the same block as the subject property be measured in order to determine the front setback of the new house.  This measurement is not included in the package but may be requested at an additional rate of $150.00+gst/hr.

A Real Property Report showing the current buildings on the property is of assistance when preparing a Plot Plan so if there is one available, it would be to the client’s advantage to provide us with a copy.  If information is available to us on our data base, we will use it at no additional charge to you.


There have been recurring conversations with builders in infill areas resulting in a need for a brief overview of how some of our services fit into the building process.


We do not have access to existing sewer invert elevations.  In some
cases the invert elevation at the street only or is not at all available until it is exposed during the demolition / excavation exercise if the builder does not elect to expose it on his own prior to that time.  Inverts in mature neighborhoods are often shallow and seldom accommodate deep basements.  Early investigation into the elevation of the invert or alternative solutions is best addressed prior to excavation.


The City of Edmonton restricts the height of the main floor of new two storey homes in mature neighborhoods based on the mean of the 4 existing lot corner elevations.  Should your lot corners be significantly lower than the central area where the proposed house is to be situated, or if the front lot elevation differs significantly from the rear elevation and a higher main floor elevation be required, the City may consider basing the finished main floor elevation on the existing elevation of the 4 corners of both adjacent houses.  This is not the norm, however, so if it is considered desirable to do so, please advise us at the outset so that the additional information can be gathered in a timely and economical manner.  We will not be held responsible for determining ideal finished floor elevations on an individual basis.


Complete and final blueprints are required for the Plot Plan.  Our stakeouts are based on the information shown on the Plot Plan.  If the final blueprints are ambiguous, contradictory, incomplete or if they deviate in any way from the ones provided to draw the Plot Plan we cannot be held responsible for an incorrect stakeout.  Please check your Plot Plan thoroughly before initialing and dating the copy for final approval.


In mature neighborhoods, the lot corners are rarely posted.  Usually the block corners were posted and the interior lot dimensions are calculated.  A current Real Property Report when provided can be very helpful in assisting to draw the lot with the correct dimensions.  Distances from city sidewalks or pavement in lanes to front and rear property lines varies from block to block and is not common knowledge although dimensions to front sidewalks are often provided on Real property Reports.